Tendon pain is one of the most common issues presenting in our clinic. It is a frustrating problem for patients for several reasons.

Like most conditions, issues with tendons do not discriminate between elite athletes and most of us mere just mortals trying to keep in shape or enjoy our sport. It is essential to our ease of movement to ensure that we manage our prehab and rehab of our tendons

What is a Tendon ?

Most people have heard of tendons but are not quite sure about them. Basically, they are robust pieces of connective tissue that join your muscles to your bones. They facilitate movement of your limbs, joints, spine, head etc.

Tendons are made of a stronger material than muscles, largely due to increased amounts of collagen. They also have some exotically named substances such as proteoglycans.

Managing Tendonopathy:
  1. Understanding the anatomy – They are physiologically different to muscles
  2. They are complicated further by their covering sheath which may itself be the problem!
  3. They generally have a poor blood supply, therefore, a longer healing timeframe.
  4. How do we treat them – Generally physiotherapy and appropriate exercise

Keep an eye out for complaints like these:

‘But I didn’t feel it during the activity? Only afterwards…..’

‘Above my heel/below my knee got really sore about an hour after my run’

‘I’m not sure why but my shoulder hurts since I cut the grass last week…’

In my experience, be careful, if ignored they tend to get worse!